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Итак, это случилось. Вы устали честно играть в варкрафт, вам не хватает острых ощущений, а может, вы решили показать "этим демонам" кузькину мать. Поэтому вы пришли на этот сайт и решили прочитать статью о читерстве.

В большинстве загруженных на этот сайт карт будет присутствовать чит-пак JJXtra. Он является эпичным модом JJCP и предоставляет огромное разнообразие команд для изменения процесса игры в реальном времени.

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'Popular' math function descriptions for GameMaker ... Read more »
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Download (jar + jad)
Tetris2 is a mod of standart tetris for mobile devices.
This will run, and scale properly on any device with MIDP2.0 support.
Easy to play, saves highscore and overall number of sessions. Shows time while playing.
Have fun.
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Today I re-styled the forum a bit (changed entire post side view system, added different quotes, etc.), and added a possibility to choose site language, upon registration. So, now you can choose if you want to view site UI in English, or in Russian.
Right now thinking about re-doing site logo (not matching the site theme even while I did it, lol)
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Tubus is a arcade tube shooter game, done in exactly 2 hours.
In this article you may find history of creation.[ ... Read more »
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Hm. Since I did set up the blog section on my site, I should be using it properly, right?
I will try to post here more often from now on.
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It is good to have all variety of things inside of your phone, don't you think?
Today, I've decided to re-code the word generator script by general_sirhc (thanks to him), to work on mobile phone.
This small script generates random words (most likely, not english words), that can be used in role-playing games, indexing, etc.

Program will work on any device with screen size >= 128x128.
Zip archive includes .jar and .jad files, that are required to install the program.
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